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Move in

Allocated room

An allocated block of halls of residence, an allocated room or date of moving in cannot be changed during the period of moving in, i.e. until the end of September. Moving is possible from the beginning of October.

Thank you for your understanding.

When and where

Information about a particular allocated hall of residence and room will be available at

If you are to move in a hall of residence as of 25 September inclusive (accommodation allocated afterwards), report to accommodation in person to the allocated hall of residence and contact the manager of the hall of residence on the specified date during office hours, which can be found in the list of blocks of halls of residence.

What you should bring

  1. identity card (foreign students should bring their valid passports)
  2. colour full- face photograph of 35 x 45 mm (an identity-card type)

If I cannot appear

Please, come personally on move-in day during office hours, directly to Dormitory Manager of the building in which you will be staying. Move in to dormitory Jarov III.F outside of office hours is possible, but after announcement to Dormitory Manager via email. Reception is opened nonstop.

Accommodation contract

We recommend reading the contents of the contract before you sign it, as you will not have sufficient quiet time to read it thoroughly when moving in.

Residence card, keys, bedlinen

As soon as you sign the contract, you will receive a residence card and keys from the allocated room. In some halls of residence, you will receive also a key from the main entrance to the hall of residence. In the bedlinen depot, you will receive bedlinen, which you confirm with your signature, and the List of Defects, which you will complete upon entry to the room.

Assignment of the room

The room will be taken over upon signing of the accommodation contract and the handing over of keys and bedlinen. The takeover will be done by yourself, with no employee of the hall of residence present. As soon as you enter the room, check the room and its furnishings immediately for proper condition fit for use. On that day, record any found defects in the List of Defects and submit it to a person in charge (usually the one who has given you the List of Defects). You will be responsible for defects not recorded in the List of Defects. If you fail to submit the List of Defects on the day of moving in, you will breach the accommodation contract.

Moving to another room

Common Rules

  • The first week in October is the first permitted day of moving to another room.
  • A person interested in moving to another room must appear in person during office hours and prove his/her identity.
  • In case of exchange of the allocation with another student, both these students have to appear at the same time.
  • Each application for moving to another room will be decided individually and may be rejected.
  • Rooms may not be booked.
  • Information about free rooms will be provided only at personal visits.

A student may move until the 4th day of a calendar month inclusive (during office hours only). This is due to sending a direct debit order to the bank usually on the 5th day of a calendar month (the particular term of sending is published in the news on a monthly basis). Any later date of moving will be permitted only in exceptional cases upon agreement with the manager of the relevant hall of residence.

Moving from one hall of residence to another (applies to VSE halls of residence in Prague)

  • is the charge of the central accommodation office.
  • A student may move until the 4th day of a calendar month inclusive (during office hours only).
  • This is due to sending a direct debit order to the bank usually on the 5th day of a calendar month (the particular term of sending is published in the news on a monthly basis).
  • A student may move only if he/she has no debts, i.e. he/she has paid all outstanding amounts owed to VSE SUZ (residence fee, utilities, damages, late payment interest, if appropriate, etc.)

Move out

  1. Student will write the name, room number and time of moving out( office hours only ) at reception well in advance. If student won’t write informations in advance, student must seek out the cleaning service alone.
  2. To avoid any problems that may arise during moving out, please check your debts in information system ISKAM. You have to pay all outstanding amounts for residence fee or services in cash or by credit card at the reception or at the office. Otherwise it is not possible to move out.
  3. It is necessary to clean up your room to have moving out running smoothly, especially:
    1. Take out the garbage from room and common spaces
    2. Wipe the dust (table, wardrobe, shelves ), mop the floor
    3. Wash the toilet, shower, sinks, kitchen (cupboard, cooker, sink, kitchen surface, refrigerator, microwave)

Each student undertakes to do the cleaning throughout the common areas in unit during the moving out.

The bedlinen depot is open during working days during the moving out (leaving a large number of students).

Length of whole check out depends on number of students. It can be 20 minutes, but also one hour. All requirements is necessary to process in working hours!

Move out – process varies by day and time of eviction:

A. Student moving out during office hours

B. Student moving out outside of office days

A. Student moving out during office hours

1. You must be in your clean room at the moment of check up (wait for the cleaning lady – mostly more students are enrolled at the same time).

2. You will go tobed linen storage with confirmed Handover Protocol and bed clothes. There you will return to housekeeper:

  • pillow-case
  • duvet cover
  • sheet

3. Please come personally to the office with confirmed Handover Protocol and protocol from bedlinen depot for checking your obligations and moving out. There you will return:

  • dormitory card
  • blue chip card (only students other schools, graduates)

4. You will give keys to cleaning lady.

You cannot return to your room after. The rooms are locked up by employee of the dormitory after returning the keys.


B. Student moving out outside of office hours

1. If you moving out outside of office hours, you must let check the spaces during office hours and come to office with document from cleaning service and report a departure date.

2. After that, you are responsible for spaces until your departure. If will be found clutter or damage during checking, charge for cleaning or fine for damage will be deduct from your deposit.

3. Please, check your bank account number format in ISKAM. Deposit or proportional part of deposit will be returned only via bank transfer to your bank account after check of room.

4. Before departure clean your room and common spaces, take all your stuff including food. Close the windows and room properly; DO NOT TURN OFF the heating (in the winter).

5. During the day of departure you will leave key, bedlinen, keys and dormitory card at reception. If you won’t return something, it will be charged fine according to price list.

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