Internet and Wifi for hotel guests

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Login credentials can be obtained 24/7 at the reception of the University Hotel or the reception of the respective dormitory if it is in operation. Every guest will get a different username and password.

Please follow this manual CZ, EN, RU.

Lost or forgotten credentials could be renewed at reception as well, in that case, the old ones will lose validity. The user will lose access to the network at the end of the accommodation period.

Wireless network can be used by properly accommodated hotel guests and accommodated nonstudents of Prague University of Economics and Business. Access to this network is denied for students and staff of VŠE, who should use Eduroam WiFi or ethernet network (cable).

Wireless network is intended only for internet access. The direct communication between devices is blocked (for example between a mobile and a laptop). You can use sharing services like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Peer-to-peer communication is blocked too (including BitTorrent).

Conditions of using this service are defined in Rector’s Order No. 1/2007 Operation and utilization of the computer technology and network of the Prague University of Economics and Business. From this order are selected the next user obligations:

  • user is obliged to take care not to threaten the work of other users with his/her activities and not to overload network resources
  • user has a responsibility for his/her data – not only for their content but also for their storage and proper backup
  • user is responsible for damages he/she causes, be it willingly or because of negligence
  • user is obliged to comply with international agreements, in which the Czech Republic is bound, and legal regulations of the Czech Republic that are in force.

This wireless network is completely free for hotel guests.

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